Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Signs, Signs, Build A Sign

Having gone into business for ourselves, Lady Peas and Lady Gatekeeper will be looking for a good marketing strategy. The first thing we looked into was (since we both drive over 200 miles a week) getting each of us the magnetic car signs. Two moms looking very professional, while staying artsy and crafty-like, is very important. We need to look good. I suppose we could even build a sign that said, "Open For Business." Now there's something to look forward to. In any case we'll begin with the magnetic car signs and go from there. These nice folks at BuildASign have a sign for everything: For Sale, Custom Street and even No Parking signs.

Furthermore, you can design your own sign, online I might add. Upload your image, it's fast, easy and they promise delivery in record time. Who could complain? And, I shall comfortably say, if they can help Lady Peas and Lady Gatekeeper get the business going they would certainly suit your style as well. Go ahead, build it.

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