Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Letter To My Friend

Dear D.

Loneliness can be overwhelming, believe me, I know. And it is amazingly hard to let God be the One to take it all away from us. Can He really do it, will He really do it? Having God as my husband? The lover of my soul? The Father for my child? That's all a little hard to swallow. Yet, He is all those things and more. The awful, and sometimes unbearable, part for us is to learn how to let go of the one thing that we are not ready to surrender. He knows, and He waits till we can give up that part that has done nothing but harm.

Now you are at that cross road (it's a good part of the journey) where Jesus stands. I think he's leaning up against that sign post that says "This Way." He has a twinkle in his eyes that just brings you to peace (the kind of peace society will never know). He smiles and says, "Am I enough for you? Will you follow this sign and travel with me only?" Until you can answer yes, He remains standing, waiting, smiling. Because He knows you are strong enough (one day) to say, "Yes, Lord, you are enough for me." And when you have said it, and though you are alone (without a husband), you will no longer be lonely.

Does He have plans for you? Are you kidding? It's a wonderful life, my friend, when your life has meaning and purpose. I'm not talking about being a doctor and all that. I mean purpose, the meaning of life stuff. The O-I-get-it feeling. You know, when the story of the Cross stops being a story and becomes the start of new life (not of this world). When you finally get why He did it and for who. It's simple really . . . He knows your loneliness, and He'd like very much to fill that gap for you.

Here's what He promised the surviving exiles of Jerusalem in Babylon and it still holds true for you and me today . . . "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to give you hope and a future."

Hang in there D. you are almost there.

Your friend . . .

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