Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Welcome to Suite 1408

Remember the cute little girl, the ghost in the attic, and the team of "ghost hunters" who spent a night in that ghastly manor? And the castle kept growing and the rooms led to nowhere and the walls kept coming alive. It scared the you know what out of us all and yet, we kept watching and throwing our popcorn and tearing up the pillow we used to shield us from the horror of Rose Red.

Ah yes, I confess . . . when he finally came out with "The Stand" I had to become a fan of Mr. Stephen King. What could be better than to see how the Devil himself can be defeated and face the end of the world in Las Vegas. Nope, not a comedy . . . I believe it was loosely based on Revelations. Then recently I watched the "Kingdom Hospital" episodes on Dish all over again and wondered why it was canceled. You've got to go deeper than the horror you know. Take a good look at the characters and you'll see so much more.

I don't usually like horror films--too much gore and useless plots. I realize there are good ones like "The Ring" but in general I stay away unless Stephen King has his name to it. This would include the 1408 Movie. Let us see then, if I can get the story straight.

Mike Enslin is a renowned horror novelist but, of course, he is not a true believer of the after life. As a matter of fact his novels have discredited anything supernatural or paranormal. Therefore, his latest project finds him checking into suite 1408 at the notorious Dolphin Hotel. It's a haunted room, you see, but Enslin does not heed the warnings of the hotel manager. If he is to survive the night, he will have to become a believer.

So let the Gatekeeper know, my friends, if you venture into the halls of the 1408 Movie, forget the tissues and bring the pillows, and by all means remain calm.

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