Monday, June 04, 2007

The News From Lady G.

This very day when the Gatekeeper woke early to greet a gentle sun, she decided to post daily, or perhaps weekly, news reports. The news is relative and timely. The News Room makes it a wonderfully simple task. I merely embed their up-to-date videos with the greatest of ease and, mind you, they are willing to pay (always a plus for a single mom who's trying to keep it all together). Furthermore, prizes including electrons, vacations and cars are to be won when you participate.

It is rather a win-win situation, don't you see? There might even be a little political snippet once in a while. Um, perhaps not. Too much bitterness I suppose. All the news shall come from major content providers such as the Associated Press and Reuters. I will be very careful in what I choose. These are all fully licensed stories, so you cannot question the Gatekeeper, as nothing here is made up, so to speak. All of this (embedding stories, videos, etc), if one is interested to know, shall forever be referred to as mashing.

In any case, one may mash with me by putting The News Room on one's own blog and report the news of your choice. It is all up to you. The following news clip is from The NewsRoom.


Lady G~ said...

Way to go Vladimir!

We are quite the baseball fans at our castle. I use to play softball before I fell ill. My Knight played baseball and now plays softball for our church league. He is also the president of our local little league. Our fair maidens all play softball in a recreational league. Our squires both play baseball too.

There is nothing like watching that "one" play, that makes the player's day. I've been a Dodgers fan since I was a little girl. But I'll cheer for a player when he's done a good play. A good play is a good play.

The Gatekeeper said...

Hola Lady G. You know, I just got the fact that I titled my post News From Lady G. Hmmm. That one slipped by me. Sorry. In any case. Yep, a good play is a good play. I love the Dodgers too,but I find myself having to refall in love with them after they traded so many of my fave players including Shawn Green. Oh well, I still bleed blue. Oh, btw, you sound like an awesome sporty family. My Princess and I are planning to pick up roller blading this summer. That should be good for a laugh.