Monday, June 11, 2007

Father's Day Savings

Oh, I must apologize before I get too excited about finding those awesome online coupons. Yes, I tend to get a little obnoxious. I live on coupons, and with Father's day just around the corner one can hardly blame a soul like me. My dear old dad lives and breathes at Home Depot. And so, because he is worth it, there is nothing better than 20% or even 50% off with a few online savings for . . . power tools! I'll get on it today.

And Lady Gatekeeper shall not forget her children's daddy. For him, from his beloved Prince and Princess of the castle, I will suggest something from the Instrument Pro. He still plays that funky music wild (a true rocker). Perhaps you would like a 10% discount on all B.C. Rich guitars for your musical dad. Well, happy Father's Day to all you dads, and tell them the Gatekeeper send you. Enjoy.

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