Monday, May 14, 2007

Tuesday Earnings

Yet again, we have the good folks at PayPerPost conjure up a special something for everyone, so to speak. As always one can make a fair amount of money when showing off that God-given writing talent. The PPP grapevine's latest news is that someone has broken 10,000 big ones. Oh to be that someone. Kudos to her, I say, and we all hope to join her soon.

In any case let us discuss a little bit of the newest blog marketing techniques (not so new, I suspect) besides grabbing the best of PPP opportunities. This more than likely will perk you up quite a bit every Tuesday of this month of May. It shall be called, HDTV Tuesday. What, you might ask is HDTV Tuesday. Products, my friends, a fine list of products to earn while doing your daily duty of writing those posts.

Every Tuesday posties can find very cool Audio and Video equipment to specially marked opportunities. Story has it that many posties have already grabbed Opps with, you guessed it, Apple TVs and one PS3. Nice! Now rumor (more fact than rumor really) has it that more "stuff" is on that narrow path. Yes, and at the end of this month a new HDTV shall be included.

Two things you might want to be thankful and be aware of is that one, HDTV is sponsored by Bid4Prizes. Those wacky, wonderful folks will make you happy indeed. And secondly this Tuesday (that would be May 15th) one might be lucky enough to earn a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote. I do apologize but Lady Gatekeep has no idea what any of these strange sounding items could possibly be. But I suspect you do. Enjoy!

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