Friday, May 11, 2007

We Were Beautiful Once

In the beginning, on the southwest coast of New Guinea, God created me, The Gatekeeper. She was a very unattractive baby thanks in part to the midwife’s large handprint on my forehead. Of course, it might have been her own undoing when she tried to re-enter the birth canal. Apparently this baby girl was not ready for the world on the outside of Mother’s womb.

“Poor child,” the villagers said. “Why are her legs shaped like an O? And look at that profile. Looks like somebody smashed the back of her head flat.”

My, my, poor Gatekeeper. Life didn't get much prettier. Not to worry, God smiled on Mother’s baby and eventually the little legs straightened and she was blessed with beautiful curly hair. What did young Gatekeeper care anyhow that the world thought she was ugly? She was loved by parents and an abundance of aunts, uncles and cousins. Young Gatekeeper lived in a tropical jungle of coconut and banana trees to name but a few. And if one would walk through the forest’s amazing trails one eventually reached the sandy beaches of our island. Breathe in that clear air and bathe in the warmth of blue waters.

But unpretty followed Gatekeeper into marriage (it was probably her own thoughts of beauty that left it in ruins), and soon love was gone. But what is beauty? God told her once and she has always believed it, though at times she might have forgotten it:

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment . . . it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit." (1 Peter 2:3,4)

There you have it, even as life has made us older, the Lady Gatekeep at last can feel beautiful.


Crystal blue
Like a stream caressing a pebble.

But then
The heat of lethal sun
Burns it all away
The beauty lies dead
A dry bed of cracked clay

Inner me
Is beautiful
A gentle and quiet spirit
Waters my thirsty soul
Kindness overflows
Love caresses and
Graces my old, cracked face

And those who see inside
Will know the beauty
Is not from me.


bizwhiz said...

Nice layout and great posts! You can consider having the background fixed though so that the top right hand corner will always be visible, but it is alright even if it is not. Have a good weekend gatekeeper! :)

The GateKeeper said...

Thanks Biz, can you tell me how to do this? I'm also trying to set up a third column. Thanks for the info on your blog. Awesome!