Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Garden Grows

Well, it has been a little over a year now. The Southern Cal desert has been good to us except for a few days of chilling frost that destroyed a few garden crops. Nonetheless, we only lost our passion fruit vine and the cherry tree. There was no hope as the ice burnt its delicate blossoms. Prayers from neighbor could not save it. Today we uprooted it (well our dog did) and gently placed it inside the green torture bin. It is no more.

But good news, the apple tree has fruit as does the lemon tree, and there are tiny pomegranites and persimmons birthing nearby. Our little neighbors have already harvested a few tomatoes and discovered that the grapevine has many clusters of baby grapes. And let's not forget the many flowers that have survived the winter and are quite showing off their colors. Ah, yes our garden grows. Photos will follow as soon as baby girl wakes up and takes them.

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