Monday, May 07, 2007

The Chief

Here in our cozy little castle the fair maidens (there are three of us) are forever hunting for those bargains. It's a pretty penny we love to save. Our journey to the chief's coupon site brings content quite regularly. One might say he does all the hunting for us. All the codes are there for familiar shopping places.

To begin, since Mother's day is peeking around this winding path, Lady Gatekeep shall direct you all to the caretaker of flowers. And please don't stop there with the spoils, get her some gourmet chocolates and such things. Go ahead, she deserves so much more.

In any case, after a little more exploring we have come upon Lane Bryant clothing for Mom. Furthermore, if one would enter the following code, WW9632, it is clear that 20% off the sale shall be given. There's sandals for the summer and things to keep Mother happy for the entire season.

And don't forget her favorite fragrances. Tommy Hilfiger shows off his stuff and so does Sensual Harmony by Aroma. Yes, indeed, every fragrance to delight her is here, my friends. Make this Sunday, May 13th, special. She loves to be shown by her children that you care. So care already and show her your the clever one too. One shall save for sure at the Chief's coupon site. Enjoy!

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