Monday, May 07, 2007

Emo On The Baseball Field

Now, I have not been terribly naive about what Emo is . . . but the lessons continue. It happened on the baseball field. Spanky smacked a line drive that found the gap in right field and off he went. He made it all the way to third base. with ease I might add. Much hollering and clapping by all, except Spanky who was very intense and kept his head in the game.

Then it happened--the next batter hit a ground ball to second base and Spanky heard "Go" and took off to homeplate. Not good. Ball, glove and Spanky's face reached home base at the same time. Helmet went flying, feet went flying, head hit the ground. At this point, Mom (me) has stopped breathing. Spanky remains on the ground and doesn't move for about 20 seconds. Not a sound from both stands.

Then he rises from the dust, is a little perturbed that all the coaches (from both teams) have surrounded him, and to the roar of the crowd he trots into the dugout.

At lunch the next day his conversation with big Sister went something like this.

Sis: "I heard you got a triple and then they nailed you at home."

Spanky: "Yeah, I saw the catcher and thought, here comes my dark place. And then his glove found my face. It was cool. I could see a few stars with my right eye. Then the coaches were all bothering with me and being concerned. I thought, Don't touch me (Saturday Night Live Stuart style). I don't need any help, just let me lay here on the ground and be emo. Then I found my dark place and headed for the dugout. "

I have no idea.

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Lady G~ said...

I too am a baseball mom. Makes a mom's heart stop beating when the see their children get hurt.

Glad to hear he was ok. That scene reminds me of the movie, Jerry Maguire. When Cuba Gooding's character, wants to stay down and "enjoy" the moment... the crowd is chanting his name. Very funny scene, but it was in a movie. When it's real life, like you said, your heart stops beating.