Saturday, May 05, 2007

School Assignment

The Song of the Universe

Before time began and when all the worlds lay in utter darkness, The Singer of the Universe sang everything into being. His Voice was beyond beauty with perfect pitch, his Word was incorruptible and his Song laid the foundation of all existence.

“I shall plant the Gardens of Terra,” He sang, “to prepare a place for my beloved.”

And the fiery red rose, without thorn or thistle, bloomed in abundance on the banks of the Effervescence River whose warm, peaceful waters meandered throughout the gardens and nurtured all the lands. Every tree bore a different fruit and berries with shining coats of black, blue and purple grew in clusters from their bushes. It was all good to eat.

The Singer began another song, and suddenly creatures with powerful wings appeared and guarded the skies of blue. The land below began to rumble with the sounds of the living ones: Some roared, some howled and others neighed, but all had a voice. Yet though they were awesome, grand and free, there was no speech among any of the Singer’s creations—except for the one who fell from the sky and despised the music. His voice was only a whisper—dangerously seductive.

“I shall make a being like me,” The Singer and His Spirit chanted so harmoniously. “In my image he shall be—perfect and without shame. And he shall fill the gardens of Terra with music and tend to the creatures of all the lands and skies. His name shall be Elros.”

When Elros sang, all living things gathered to him and he blessed them all with a name of their own. But the fallen one, The Whisperer, did not like this being and he hid within the shadows of Terra’s mighty trees. He watched and waited till there would be a break in the song.

Soon it was clear to Elros that amongst all the creatures there was not one that suited him. The Singer of the Universe, of course, well aware that Elros was different from all of creation would not leave the Terran alone much longer.

“Now you have known loneliness, and I have declared that it is not good for you to be alone. I will bring you my best song.”

And the light of the day was taken away so that Elros would fall into sleep. It was then that the Singer of the Universe sang a most glorious song. It was soft in many places, with emotion so sweet it brought tears to Elros though he lay sleeping. The song touched the core of Elros’ soul as if something inside him stirred and awakened. And when the light of the ninth day fell gently into the gardens, Elros heard the rustling of leaves.

“My Lord?” he sang. “Is it You?

“It is I,” the song continued. Each note was in step with the breeze.

Then Elros’ voice rang out more beautiful than ever as he first beheld the one made for him. The Singer of the Universe brought her, Lessien, to the singer of the gardens.
She sings sweeter than I, Elros thought. And in thinking so he loved her at once.

And life sprang up all around them, protected them and nourished them. And The Singer gave them freedom to rule all the lands of Terran as they saw fit. But he gave them this warning: “There is a gate on the western border of the Gardens. The land beyond it does not know life. Do not cross into this land; leave the gate locked.”

Elros and Lessien obeyed their Maker. They had perfect love, destiny and purpose and thought nothing of the Land beyond the gate. But the Whisperer waited for the break in the song lingering on the western borders of the gardens.

(This was my latest school assignment)

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Sharon Lynne said...

I enjoyed your story! I hope you got an A+++