Thursday, May 03, 2007


It's a good challenge when there's $5,000 rewarded to the winner. Better than a pot of gold says the Gatekeeper. So round up your best stallion (or a video camera will do), your most trusted esquire (bring your assistant), and get your game face on.

This is the accuweather video challenge and you shall be the star, or at least have a chance to be the star. An appearance on'Tis to dream. Study your local weather Lady if you must. A storm perhaps? Sunshine always makes a pretty picture, or a wicked snow storm will make it interesting. Put it on that contraption one refers to as camera and you might have what it takes.

The rules are quite simple. One can even report the weather conditions in your own garden. Nice! Furthermore, one can actually mash up one of their videos and make your own forecast. How's that for a project? Nonetheless, if you have the skill then arm yourself and film that perfect weather report. Evenso, my friends, if there are more questions by all means read the rest of the rules on the accuweather video challenge page. It's a worthy challenge and your chance to earn $5,000. Good luck to every man, woman and child, and above all have some fun.

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