Friday, May 04, 2007

The Writers Group Minutes

A new face has entered our circle and we welcome her, Susan, into the writer's group of Southern Cal's premier Old Towns. She's a good fit, I must say. After all she loves to laugh and she's a pretty darn good writer. Welcome, my friend.

So Lady Gatekeep will attempt to record the minutes. It shall not be pretty. So I will begin by saying, Sharon Lynn, we missed you.

The winding roads of this old town had the Gatekeeper mesmerized but she managed to find her way without the aid of directions. Only four members came today. Ah yes, life has taken its toll on a few of us and we proceeded to pray for missing members and their families.

Marilyn (High chair devotions: Introduce your toddler to the Bible) is working on Arleta's [In Grandmas Attic (The Grandma's Attic Series)] manuscript which she had taken to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. We talked about the missing edgy-ness (it needs pain), we edited and we talked some more on how to get all the stand alone stories to flow from one POV, thus making it one story so to speak. It shall be done though Marilyn was ready to give the project to our newest member. In any case, for all you Arleta Richardson fans (there has to be millions since she's sold more books than that) . . . stay tuned. Though she is with the Lord there are three unfinished manuscripts that will come to life soon even if the Gatekeeper's typing fingers bleed--it shall be done!

We ate strawberries, carrot cake, banana bread with freshly squeezed orange juice, all served on fine China. Nothing but the best. All the while we heard of Jane's ghost writing adventures which I will now write an article about for Associated Content. Yvonne has handed the political torch to . . . um, I'm not sure but she did hand it off.

Well, sorry but I've run out of minutes, disappointing I know but The Gatekeeper doesn't do minutes and she'll leave that daunting task to Sharon Lynn. Till next time.

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