Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Come Write With Me

Join Associated Content My AC team has grown. Even Sharon Lynn at California Breeze has finally joined us. And, might I add, you would want to read what she has to say in her informative articles. "The Monkey Scope Trials" will open your eyes for one.

In any case, seven of us are now publishing our articles and receiving payment. It's really easy since most bloggers already write on a steady basis why not get paid for it? It's a good trade, right? And, just in case you haven't heard anything about Associated Content--one gets paid for writing an article (not sharing in ad revenues) and then receive royalties, so to speak, everytime your article is viewed/read. Can't lose there.

Want a little info on starting your kids in the entertainment world? Here's my most popular article "A Guide For Your Child Actor." I think I might write about stage moms next--keep them in check. Or you might want a little bit of an insight on how "To Have a Successful Writers Group." If you'd like to join us at AC here's my link. See you there.

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