Saturday, April 28, 2007

You Win On Who Gets

Hear here, this is fun for all. It's free to join (one cannot complain about free things), and there is money to win. The prize values? Those will range from $10 to $600. Go ahead, state your arguments at this point. No? I did not think so. Therefore Lady Gatekeeper would suggest one to sign up now. Contests are online, I say, and there are hundreds of them exclusive to members.

If one reaches the semi-final, which will last around 7 to 14 days one will hope to ulitmately reach the final round. All the while that elusive prize will be displayed just to add a little more anxiety in one's life (in a good way of course). Enter you must with a 100 word statement declaring why it is you want or rather need the item that is displayed. Other members of shall be brave and vote for their favorite contestant. Fun? Indeed. Get your game on and test your skill.

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