Thursday, April 26, 2007

This Week On The Set Of ?????

Yes indeed, the life of the actor is quite interesting--a unique experience if nothing else. Plenty of downs and sometimes, with a little help from above, a few ups. This was our week on the set of . . . now here it begins--Lady Gatekeep had to sign a rediculous gag-order-kind of contract stating something to the effect that I wouldn't even blog about what movie Spanky (baseball nickname) is actually working on. So let's see what that would look like, shall we?

We arrived 6:30am at ____ and proceeded to have a lovely breakfast made to order--omelette with bacon, turkey and cheese. Spanky went to wardrobe to change into his _____ attire. Makeup was perfect as he looked exactly like a young ____. The set was awesome: there were ____ everywhere and _____ on the ground and _______ hanging from the rafters. The little _____ made the _____ look authentic. Robert Downey Jr.'s (oops, have I said too much?) stunt double will convince you that the former is over 6 feet tall. Not gonna happen.

After we signed the safety contracts Spanky was handed his ___ masks and ____ hats and goggles so he would be safe from the ____ and _____ that the ______ were spraying wildly in the air.

Hehehehe, this post my friends, is going nowhere. So here's the end of it. We've met some wonderful people, treated to feasts fit for kings and queens, disgarded like dirt on the first day and then thought of as royalty the next. Go figure. We shall return tomorrow. Hopefully the chemicals won't stay in our lungs too long. Dang, I signed that contract. Prayers for health and safety would be appreciated.

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