Saturday, April 28, 2007


Was it not snowing just a couple of months ago? Those days are gone, I suppose, since the temp reached 107 F today here in the desert. That hurts. Nonetheless, we had fun. A day in the park was a nice change after spending a week breathing chemicals, smoke and being shot at on the set of the movie I am not allowed to mention. Did I mention Mom got warned for taking photograph of own son? Not to worry however, we managed to bring home a couple of souveniours that went flying by Spanky. JK, it wasn't that close. He just picked it up when he passed the tank, after walking away from the bombed out cave.

In any case, Spanky had two bottles of Gatorade today for the game so we won't have a repeat fainting spell. Ah, those actors. All went well, they won, Spanky did good and now we need sleep in order to make the 80 mile-journey to church tomorrow. A good night to all.

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Sharon Lynne said...

Loved your post below...with the blank spots! And this post doesn't give much more info. You've got us on the edge of our seats!

Glad Spanky made it through safely.