Thursday, April 26, 2007

Game On

Even the most serious of Gatekeepers will say once in a while that a good game is healthy for the soul. Frees the spirit so to speak. I'm sure you would agree. Therefore then, let us try to explain the art of winning as one bids on the desired object. Stay with me now.

As auctions go, the usual winner would be the one who wound up with the highest bid. Right! Not so at bid4prizes where the final victor is actually the player who came in with the lowest bid. Yes, my friends, you indeed read that correctly.

I shall explain: Find a prize you would like (for example, a car, a TV, Ipod etc.) and place a bid starting as low as you could possibly go. That, no doubt, could be one penny. Once you make this bid you will be told if it's high, low, unique or duplicated. The secret, of course, is to get the lowest unique bid. Unique being that dollar or cent amount that nobody else entered.

Now that, my friends, sounds like a deal to me. It is also quite a bit of fun, I dare say. In the end, the winner is declared and runs off with his prize and only pays the shipping charge. And even though I might not be sure how much it would be to ship a car, I am still sure it would be worth it. So grab the mane of your mare and head on over to bid4prizes and spend your pennies wisely.

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