Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stone Hawk

The Gatekeeper has seen the horrendous effects on one's body, and one's spirit I might add, when drugs invade. Lifes are chained, imprisoned in darkness, and the addiction controls the mind. God is always a good source for help and He also sends aid through michigan drug rehabilitation at Stone Hawk.

What impresses the Gatekeeper about this program is the drug-free approach--this is not always used in other programs. It is stated at Stone Hawk that their staff is not only qualified (there are three doctors on staff as well as thirteen nurses, available 24/7), but they also care and truly understand the hardships of the addict. Some of their caring staff themselves are graduates of the program. They've lived the nightmare and are living proof that there is healing.

You might also like to know that Stone Hawk's success rate is an astounding 76%. This would mean that 3 out of 4 graduates not only leave clean (body, mind and spirit) but stay clean--always a good sign.

I must add that the location is serene, indeed. Housing is near calm waters amongst the peaceful trees--much needed, I am sure. These last two things must be mentioned here; financing is available, forms are at their site, and an information package is ready for one and all to download. My prayers are with you and many blessings for the staff at Stone Hawk.

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