Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Peek Into Our Writers' Group

A hearty thanks from the Gatekeeper to my dear writing buddy, Sharon Lynn from California Breeze, who shall from now on be known as the Minutekeeper. Ah, truly, she does it well. Her local newspaper would do well to ask her to pen her own column. The following minutes were seen through her eyes . . .

The March Minutes

On a breezy Friday morning five writers headed up the pathway through the nodding daffodils. Music, from a nearby composer at work, drifted through the cool air, serenading their steps. One by one they ascended the stairs and stepped into Sharon’s living room.


Jane Signs and Wonders in America Today: Amazing Accounts of God's Power
Sharon (Check out her blog on Wednesdays for writing tips)


Sharon Eliott (Teaching) Living a Milk And Honey Life: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back
Pat (Teaching)
Debbie (Singing and Speaking)
Sandee (At a Teen Challenge Gala) Daddy, Will You Dance with Me?
Deanne (Flying home from Texas)
Colleen (Chasing Children)
Yvonne (Missing in Action)
Becky (at a conference)

Ruth, the first to arrive, stepped into the house bearing crackers, walnuts and green and orange toenails. When questioned, she explained this related to St. Patrick’s day and that the color green symbolized Irish Catholics and the color Orange symbolized Irish Protestants. We are thankful for Ruth’s Irish history lesson on toes.

Marilyn arrived laden with a large manuscript and a bowl of pistachio nuts. She is working on a synopsis of Arleta Richardson’s (In Grandmas Attic (The Grandma's Attic Series) novel on Manzanar (Japanese Internment Camp) for the upcoming Mt. Hermon Writing Conference.

Jane, who making an effort to break from her frantic editing schedule slipped through the door looking wonderfully calm. Soon after, the Gatekeeper barged through the door in black suede boots—shouted a greeting—then trotted straight toward the restroom.

We opened with a prayer. Then suddenly the door rattled and it was Brenda! In a crisp white shirt and jeans. She held the latest draft of her children’s book. For some reason, it seemed good to open in prayer again. Brenda prayed for Cody, which meant a lot to Sharon.

We started the morning discussing Ruth’s idea of writing about her Father and Step-Father—who both were soldiers in WWII. Everyone had a different idea about where Ruth should go with this article. We finally left all our ideas in her lap, and eagerly anticipate what she will do with them.

Secondly, we discussed Arleta’s Manzanar novel which Marilyn would like to take to Mt. Hermon. A number of ways for Marilyn to enhance the manuscript were tossed around. This included improving the setting, more character development, intertwining the lives of the families. We also discussed how many years Marilyn has left in her life.

Thirdly, we read through Brenda’s latest children’s book draft. We really enjoyed it! The book teaches children that although their mother doesn’t go to school, she stays quite busy, meeting the needs of the family. We decided that Brenda’s husband should be in the background of each page, relaxing on the couch.

Fourthly, Jane, who is supposed to be taking a break from her frantic editing schedule, took on a small editing project for a friend—only to find it growing and growing into a book project. She hopes she can finish soon!

Fifth, Debby was excited to report that she and her 2 children have been invited to a conference involving screen writing, acting, and production. The three of them have strong interests in those areas!

Finally, Sharon, who was sitting in the love seat almost fell asleep. She said her dirt bike article is sleeping too. It’s been stuck at a major magazine publisher since September ’06.

Amazingly, we worked hard and stayed focused, and did not gossip about the people who were missing.

Yours Truly,

Reporter of the Minutes (or The Minutekeeper)

What goes on in your writing group?? Would you like to share? The Gatekeeper will link to your minutes post, if you like. You could also read what went on with the Inklings here.

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Janey Loree said...

I wish I lived closer so that I could join your writer's group! It sounds wonderful!

BTW...Sharon Lynne and I just figured it out that we are RELATED!!! Read about it in the comments of my Arizona Vacation post over at Notes!!! I want to post an article about our discovery!!!