Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Notes

Happy thoughts today. I believe the Gatekeeper had a small part in bringing long lost relatives together through blogging. What are the chances, indeed? Let us investigate. Bloggie friend, Janey Lorey at Notes From The Heart posts pictures from family reunion in Arizona. Writing buddy, Sharon Lynn, shooting the breeze over on California Breeze checks out Janey's pretty pictures and leaves comment that pictures look very familiar. I would say so, as the photographs are of the exact same ranch! It's quite heartwarming to see the exchange of comments at Janey's blog. Ah, family.

Next noteworthy news item--College girl (who would rather be at the beach) and Gatekeeper are on the road. Gatekeep' is actually blogging with her new PC wireless card at this very moment. We are making the journey to Cupertino for a film/screenwriting seminar with actor Stephen Baldwin, director Dallas Jenkins and a few imagineers from Disney. The road is dreadfully long and boring and we argue if the trees along the way are cherry trees or . . . ? Pretty, nonetheless. In any case I will bid you a sweet farewell for now, see you up North.


Janey Loree said...

It is no small part you played in this, GateKeeper!!! I posted another post over at Notes that chronicles this "family discovery" with a link to this post of yours!!!

Naomi said...

Great post and interesting blog too. I followed the link from Janey's Notes blog. It was great how you brought Janey and Sharon together. Lovely heartwarming story.

Dirty Butter said...

I've just been reading about Janey Loree's and Sharon's happy discovery!! Fantastic!!