Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Neighborhood

I dare say the chronicles of my neighborhood have been neglected. My sincere apologies. However, it occurs to me that our little village , and indeed our lives, cannot be all that different from your own.

Do you not have hawks surfing the wind beyond the golden brick wall of your gardens? I thought so. And is the snow-capped mountains not visible from your crystal clear windows while the sun gently touches the glass? Ah, such beauty. I will confess that the cherry tree is struggling to blossom underneath the morning frost but there are green leaves lifting skyward. The apple tree still holds its own and the purple flowers are sprouting. Their name escapes me. What is man, that thou art mindful of him? This was the question the Psalmist asked, as do I.

So on this particular morn' the wind blew so hard it sang a haunting song. Strange really, but it was a comforting sort of tune. And in those small sand storms the sounds of kids playing baseball, with the clacks of their cleats and smacks of ball on leather, stirr the path of the wind. My child is there--on a field of dirt and grass. New friends are at his fingertips, so to speak. A new season has begun. It promises to be full of wondrous memories.

New friends have come by here; Mr. Frank Viola and the Vicar--G. P. Taylor. Of course a return visit might never come this way again, but no matter, The Gatekeeper was delighted to have them, if even for a moment. It is hard to believe, I know, nonetheless I am now reading all three books in light of those visits. And soon I shall have a review on each of them; God's Ultimate Passion, Shadowmancer and Out of the Silent Planet.

Ah, my friends, it seems that neighbor to the right awaits the arrival of her husband who travels the highways of the nation. She watches our newly paved streets upon which the neighborhood children ride their bikes, skates and home-made boards. Neighbor across the street meets her half way between their country mansions. I shall meet them there under our very blue evening sky. I bid thee all a good night.


Sharon Lynne said...

Sounds like Spring is at the gate of your garden!

Yes, the next time I'm on the roof, you're invited. We can sip tea while we watch the clouds.

The GateKeeper said...

Nice . . . however, I will have to get in shape to climb onto that roof of yours.

GP Taylor said...

I really enjoy your blog - there is something very 'pure' about it. Many blogs have an edge to them - but yours is very different and spirit filled. Keep in touch and thanks for the link to my website. I'm off to London this week to do a US deal for the Tizzle Sisters and Erik which is a book that combines full text and pictures - send me your address and I will get the publishers to send you a review copy.

GP Taylor

The GateKeeper said...

Wow! I can't wait for the Tizzle Sisters. Please let all of us know when you tour the US again. Have fun in London.