Thursday, December 28, 2006

Current Writing Project

1) I'm three assignments behind. Hopefully my mentor/teacher doesn't read my blog. I'll have to start catching up when the Princess goes back to school. Tomorrow we'll be shopping with the gift card her Dad gave her. He did good.

2) 3rd draft of finished novel, Swords of the Watchers, is now in progress. I'm getting sick of this manuscript. Somebody take it off my hands and publish it already!!

3) I've started interviewing my amazing and brave Mom and Dad to write about the five years they each spent in a POW camp in WWII. And, btw, if America had pulled out of that war (or never entered it) my parents would have been dead at age 5 (mom) and age 12 forDad.


Rashenbo said...

Congratulations on working on your novel and how interesting to interview your family. :)

Blog mad dropped me off here and I'm glad to have met you.

Good luck!

Dirty Butter said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your parents.