Thursday, December 28, 2006

On Patrol

Christmas in Chicago. And who would wander out in 9 below for a scavenger hunt? I guess Robyn would. Well, okay, for a $1000 cash prize and some HP digital camera equipment, I might not blame her. Even I could be convinced to leave the castle for that. But wait I live in Southern California, it most likely will never reach below zero, unless we drive up the local mountains.

I'm thinking, however, that I am a tad bit too timid to go on any California street to collect pictures and videos of strangers. And with my luck the Postie Patrol will wait till it's 200 degrees or something before they find me. Oh, I need some courage and most likely a few Digital Photography Tips.

In any case,watch this video (that I may receive compensation), but only if you like, and witness the cool people in Chicago freezing their you-know-whats off to complete a crazy scavenger hunt for the ever illusive money prize of $1000 and HP gems. My favorite part is to see Ted act absolutely nuts and wonderfully cool. Right off the bat he lends a helping hand to Robyn by stripping down to his shorts for one of the required pictures. Way to go! Here's the moving and talking pictures for your enjoyment.

Thanks for the view and FYI -- This post was brought to you by HP.

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