Saturday, December 30, 2006

America's Cities

I strolled through the neihborhood the other day and found five for-sale signs. This community is less than a year old. Where would they be going then? It's not time to abandon ship yet. Search for better lands? Well, neighbor to our right (who has become very good friends with half the people in our little desert complex) will soon depart. Of course, I had to ask, "oh but why?" What are you looking for? And where are you going?

"Texas," she announced. "In hopes that we might be able to afford a house and send the kids to better schools."

Another friend moved to Boise, Idaho. Boise, Idaho! "What on Earth is in Boise, Idaho?" I said. Well, I must admit, she's still there and loving it. So let's investigate Boise, shall we . . .

We found Boise homes with 2.5 baths for $264,900. Not too shabby, I dare say. And according to Fortune Magazine Boise is rated number one on its list for best places for business and careers.

Interested in reading a little about Boise's history? Just travel here as they proudly claim that even though "Boise is a thriving hub of economic activity, it retains the qualities that have long attracted new residents to the region: strong senses of culture and history, stunning natural landscapes and an open, family-friendly atmosphere."

Low cost of living, affordable housing and good school districts? Tell me is that what you look for in a new city? I guess Boise has it.

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