Thursday, August 10, 2006

My First TT

Thirteen Things about Me, Debby, since this is my first TT

1. I'm a single mom of 2 teenagers

2. My daughter is the first in our family to make it to a four-year university

3. I love Jesus

4. I have a need for very loud, hard rock 'n roll

5. I'm a Dodger and Angel Fan

6. O, I also have a need for speed therefore NASCAR is a must!

7. I'm a writer

8. I'm a PK, but I don't go to Dad's church (Nothing personal) I'm a little too rowdy

9. My pastor is younger than me by 8 years

10. I homeschool my 13-year-old son

11. We live on $200 a week and making it

12. I've lived in New Guinea, Holland, Australia and the good 'ole USA (presently)

13. I'm going on vacation next Monday with no money!

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First time and great list already. Can't wait for your succeeding posts.
Welcome to the TT13 group.
My TT13 is up too.

Louise said...

Welcome to TT. Thanks for visiting me.

Great list - and I'm sure you'll have a great holiday.

Something's Missing said...


I've lived a lot of places, but none as interesting as yours. I also admire people who can homeschool -- I do not have the patience for it!

My Thursday Thirteen is up!

Happy Thursday!

KarenW said...

Welcome to TT. I have two teenagers too!

My TT is up

Ardice said...

Congratulations on your daughter going to a University. I hope you have fun on your vacation. Oh, and welcome to Thursday Thirteen.

My list is up. Have a wonderful day...

benson659 said...

Great List - I did the same thing my first week :)

Have a great vacation - it really sounds like an adventure....

My TT #4 is up

Jenny Ryan said...

Welcome to the TT! This is my second week participating and I've met some really great people here :)

Candy Minx said...

Welcome to Tt this is also my second week participating. I really enjoy the exercise and thinking about an idea to list and meeting all the other incredible participants. Also, it takes a bit of time, but I find it relaxes me to "listen" to others.

You sound like quite a character and a fun person.

Here is my TT

Ghost said...

Great first list and welcome. It's only my third week and already I've met some wonderful people. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wow great list! Welcome to TT. I've only been doing it four weeks but it sure is fun.
Mine is up!!