Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Kingdom of Earth

What a waste this life would be if we lived only to gather material possessions. I believe it's safe to say that even those who don't profess to be Christians would agree. Yet, we do it and some of us on a very large scale.

Most of my married life was spent seeking riches and chasing fame. We attained neither. Life was filled with moments of failure, envy and (I'm ashamed to say) anger toward God. These feelings came crawling back as I watched Kid Rock show off his you-know-who movie-star bride. This couple may never have to worry about finances (or so it seems) while most of us are one paycheck away from homeless or, at least, hungry.

Then I caught a glimpse of him singing (Yeah I know I shouldn't have). I cried out loud, "He can't even sing!" Watch monster rising.

Finally, I heard this familiar voice--a still small voice.

"Stop listening to all this sillyness."

I did and immediately a sense of peace engulfed me.

Same still-small voice speaking (it gets creepy-cool sometimes) and reminds me of a scripture, at least the first half of it.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . .

The rest of it wasn't for me to own yet. Sanity returns.

Kid Rock's smiling face was still on the screen however, and I thought, this is all he has. The Kingdom of Earth belongs to the likes of him. What am I living for? I am but a stranger here, a sojourner. Though it might feel like it sometimes, Earth is not our home. Ironically it is us the Bible calls aliens. But if we have nothing here, it is enough to know that we will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.


Kurt said...

Unfortunate story. A Christian would have looked at the singer with compassion, prayed for him, and hope his life WILL someday have meaning.

The Gatekeeper said...

Yes, and I have prayed for the Kid and his wife. I do it consistently for him and others. However, that is not what this post was about. It was about the Lord teaching me that money and fame was not for me to seek after. And that looking at those who have it is a waste of my time. Their blessings are not mine. Furthermore, jealousy over it is a sin on my part. In any case, I am sorry if it is not what I conveyed in this post.