Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Review of Bad Girls

Aaah, yes, my loyal readers. Ahum. I love all six of ya, or is that seven . . . Here's a review of Bad Girls by author/speaker/singer Debbie Wong . . .

Bad Girls of the Bible instantly caught my attention when I saw the title. I quickly realized that the content was as catchy as the title. The concept of the book is this: we can relate more to the women in the Bible who didn't do it right and we can learn from their mistakes.

To allow us to identify even further with these "bad girls", Liz fictionalizes the stories of these women from the Bible in a contemporary setting. After drawing out the heart of each woman, Liz teaches the realities of the story from a Biblical, scholarly perspective. I learned about the setting, customs and history for each Bible story.

A short summary at the end brings out key points to help us from falling into the same trap these "bad girls" did. Lastly, questions follow each chapter for an even deeper study and allowing you to use this book for your next Bible Study with friends. Liz's witty style, flair for contemporary fiction and knowledge of the Bible will bring these "bad girls" to life and will change yours.

- Debbie Wong

Debbie has an awesome ministry so please come check her out at Heart's Desire Ministries.

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