Saturday, July 29, 2006

A One and a Half Month Tour

There once was a ship called the Maasdam. It had two pools and a couple of kiddie pools, a theather...and that's all I remember.

Brother and I had fun running around on deck. We took in our first movie, Yogi and Boo Boo. Boo Boo got lost and made little brother cry.

There was always food. Food everywhere, in the lobbies, on the decks inside the eating halls. I was eight and couldn't gain an ounce. Patries with cream filling, fresh fruit, ice-cream from Italy. It was pretty feasty.

Then came trouble. What is it with this family? Yep, we had to journey when the middle East was at war and the Suez Canal was closed. Thus, we had to travel around the Cape of Good Hope. Fancy name for "We hope you make it around the horn here." Big waves. Big waves. BIG WAVES!!!!! Tie-down-chairs waves. Empty-the-pools big waves. Ship was rocking. Life jackets were on.

We made it to South Africa and spent a lovely afternoon shopping in Capetown. Then onward we went through the storm to the largest continent/island of the world--Australia.

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