Saturday, July 29, 2006

But . . . Before Australia

I left out some minor details about my life in Holland. Not that anybody is really interested, but I forgot to mention it's where my little brother was born--the mighty Joshua, named after that military general in the old testament.

Did I say mighty? Okay, baby brother was sickly. Bronchitus from the day he was born. I don't think he ever saw the light of a Dutch day. A little exaggeration, I know, but he stayed inside most of his young life.

Eventually Mr. Doctor guy said take the little man to a warmer country. So off we trudged to the land down under. Little brother breathed easier and was healed the minute we got walked off that ship. Oh yeah, we travelled by ship. Now there's a juicy story. And since I've got more than twelve hours to go...there's a post for another time.


Paddy O. said...

For some reason this makes me think of the fact we all have a bronchitis of sorts, stifling our lives, keeping us from the light of day.

Maybe it's just the fact that this evening I'm wondering where my Australia might be. I guess it's an important step to get on that ship first off, for that's the only way we'll get off and breathe easier.

The GateKeeper said...

You are simply amazing.