Thursday, July 27, 2006


Finished filling out application for Africa Mission Team. Listed one of my strengths: I don't stress out so easily.

So it stands to reason I would lose my ATM card this morning. Apparently the bank has closed all my accounts. My dog is pregnant! Sarah's car is leaking gas...again. Layne is leaving Sunday with his dad (we both forgot). Summer school is still not done for him and we can't print out a project that's due tomorrow at 9am. It's 95 degrees inside the house.

Ah, said the wise, be anxious for nothing. It'll all work out, right? No problem. If I could just get rid of these leg cramps and why are my toes curling?

I'm okay, breathe. This is good. Build character. What is that scripture?

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Sharon said...

I know how you feel.
My son just totaled his car...with his younger brother in the passenger seat. They are both relatively okay. Father and son are throwing their tempers around. My youngest has to have his wisdom teeth out in a couple of weeks and there is no money to pay for it because my dear husband is out of work. I guess I'm doing okay. Just praying alot.