Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ready, Set, Blog

Dawn has broken and here we are!!! For lack of anything to blog about so early in the morning, I thought of writing down a list of famous people I have bumped into over the years.

Richard Hatch (the original Apollo in Battlestar Gallactica)
Bobby Sweet--at a friend's wedding
Michael Sweet--recording studio recording my X's band
Nikki Sixx--Troubador (I think)
Gunner & Matthew Nelson--at a friend's funeral (she was young, beautiful, expecting a child, engaged to Bobby Rock and tragically knived down in front of the ATM. Rest in peace Sherry.)
Eric Karros--charity golf tournament
Shawn Green--Dodger Stadium (my friend baked him some cookies)
Oliver Hudson--Paramount Studios (he's very cute)
Michael W. Smith-church (he was leading worship)
Jesus--Thank God, have you?


elegy said...

good morning and good luck from your friendly neighborhood monitor! to stave off boredom feel free to check out the monitor blog at

Sharon said...

Go Girl!

It made me think of my own list. Lets see...Andy Williams, Michael Pinder from the Moody Blues (I had lunch with him--just the two of us--nice guy--I interviewed him for a publication. I've also met: Rock Hudson, Stephanie Powers, Richard Thomas--made Richard a terrariam with plants. He gave me a kiss!...Oh and I ran into Jimmy Connors in Santa Barbara last summer. My my tennis playing mother was with me and insisted on having her picture taken with him! I sound like a silly high school girl. Actually I'm very sophisticated and do not chase down FP's. Now the most famous person I know is my heroic husband who is my partner in in the trenches of parenting 2 teen age boys!