Friday, July 25, 2014

End of the Night

Drops of moonlight cascade from the world above.
Water reflects and turns into stardust.
It's the time of night when worlds collide and surrender to each other.

Her fingers trace the moonlight as the water parts, soothing her soul.
She drifts into the silver hues of the painted sky;
It is the end of her.

The night is now adrift, moonlight fades to dawn
A shower of silver stars deflect to the other side.
The memories of dreams caress the lesser light.

Dusty streaks of sunlight filter through curtains of autumn leaves,
Wafting on morning breezes.
She sings with the sparrow,
And laments with the coo of a mourning dove.

It's the time of day when worlds separate;
When the sun softly greets the horizon.
It is the end of her.

In the distance she hears the hum of city shrills,
Engines sputter to life on overcrowded streets. A siren screams.
And finally she whispers: …
"I don't exist here anymore."

Her light disconnects from this world,
She fades into day.
It is the end of her.

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Debby A.
First published
Deborah L. Alten, Yahoo Contributor Network
Dec 3, 2013

photo by MakeLessNoise
Wikimedia Commons

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