Friday, February 14, 2014

Dance Over Sea and Under Moon: An Elvin Romance

(A Valentine's Poem by Andy Poole)

The heavenly shroud lifted,
And the starry host peered down
At a dancer well-gifted
With nimble steps of renown.

Waves of cascading black hair
Skipped and swayed to the cadence
Of bangles round ankles bare
And the Sea’s hushed ambience.

No song sang she, only danced
To a secret song unsung,
Shared by he that she romanced,
Who danced, too, with silent tongue.

His sylvan hair moonlight caught
His sea-grey eyes knew one face
That moment, his only thought,
This jewel of elven-race.

copyright, 2014 by Andy Poole
image by Kimberly Lytle

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