Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts:

It's been quite a full week of thoughts. My New Year's Resolutions are still on schedule; 1. Reading through the Bible and 2. Posting at least one in-depth discussion on MyLot per day. Did I mention the latter pays you for starting discussions?

So, my Thursday Thoughts are ...

1. I know that the actual Kindle is better than slubbing your laptop around but did you know Kindle for PC is a FREE download? As far as I know there's also a free app for your phone. Nice.

2. And speaking of Kindle...if you use the word Kindle on your Facebook status you get more popular. Is that good grammar? Oh well, too lazy to hit the back space.

3. I wonder if I can reach 2000 followers on Twitter before February? It's a good challenge.

4. Oh yeah, I've been reading the Bible and hope to read through it in this our year of the Lord, 2012. Genesis has awesome stories and I like reading Matthew at the same time. I need balance in my life.

5. I think the Grace & Faith4U marketing plan is really working. Only God will show us how far we can go, or reach. Looks pretty good so far. Well, how can you go wrong when people care enough to help you succeed. They even rejoice over others successes. Go figure. You better join.

6. Check this out ...

7. I used to make a pretty penny with Associated Content till Yahoo took over and renamed the company Yahoo Voices. Now we just make pennies. And there's a possibility they are axing all our subscribers. Protests to follow.

8. And speaking of Yahoo Voices they finally published my movie review for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I really loved that movie. Family friendly ... well, perhaps you would be so kind to read my review.

9. Tim Tebow Rocks!!!!

10. Praying for our kids and this generation is a privilege. I wonder if they pray for us? It's just a thought.

11. I also wonder if I could write a devotional from a Zombie's point of view? What? I'm just sayin' ... the husband is the head of the wife. So divorce has caused my decapitation. I'm walking around without a head. And if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out, right? How 'bout the church being the body? And if even one member is cut off, bruised or broken, the whole body slowly bleeds to a horrid death. Wait, I might be onto something. It's a good thing no one reads this blog.

12. Seriously, is Summer really gone?

13. My TBR list just got longer. Let's see...

a) The Silver Chair
b) Ranger's Apprentice
c) Messages
d) Cafe Stories
e) Island of Secrets
f) Angel in the Shadows
g) My Emily
h) Tamed
i) Edge of Grace
j) An Examination of the Testimony of the Four Evangelists

That last book is to make me look intelligent. Good luck me. I can do it.

14. How many people will "Like" our G8Press Fan Page on Facebook? I really worked hard on that page. Trying to figure out Facebook algorithms is a pain. And I'm guessing once you figure it out, they'll change . . . if that was possible. And Zuckerman (or whatever his name is) apparently has different rules for big companies. Oh, us little people. Woe is me. 

15. Anyhow, preparations for writers conference: find money; lose weight; put together a few chapters for the AV Writers Conference's writing contest. Came in third last time. Not too shabby.

These are a few of my favorite Thursday Thoughts. Of course, He has way better thoughts than mine. "How precious to me are your thoughts, God!   How vast is the sum of them!" (Psalm 139:17).

Hope you are all still having a wonderful New Year. 2012 is pretty good so far. 

Debby A.


Julie Rydlund said...

I love that your resolution is to read through the bible. I read through the bible often and always learn something new. God Bless.

The Gatekeeper said...

It is amazing how we keep learning something new. Thanks for coming by Julie.