Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Warning: It's Another Geek Alert

Christmas has arrived or should we say, snuck up upon us again. Indeed! Exactly how much are you spending on gifts this year? Never mind. Do yourself a favor and Think Geek coupons for bacon flavored candy canes, give some love to a ginger-bread-zombie ornament and what kid wouldn't want to find a giant gummy bear under the tree. This gummy bear stands 17 inches tall, weighs 26 lbs. and packs a whopping 32,000 calories. Okay, we might have to scrap the giant gummy bear.

In any case, perhaps you are looking for more of a practical gift. Then consider a Dell coupon and save a bundle on laptops, desk tops, gaming products and anything Dell and techy. Or how about savings at the Disney Store, Walmart, and all you Trekki fans just Think Geek promo code. That should cover the whole family.

So for those last minute stocking stuffers, or under the tree presents, visit those loveable geeks for all the latest info on geeky gadgets, quirky gizmos and generally cool stuff. Nothing will be more appreciated on Christmas morn. The Geek Alert is always an entertaining blog packed with geeky fun and full of wit. Online coupons, promo codes for a plethora of stores just in time for your Christmas shopping. See ya there.

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