Thursday, December 08, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

It's been really hard to have any thoughts this week. Just kidding. But it does seem that I have entered the writer's fog and it doesn't seem to be lifting. The Wednesday Writer post featured a Writer's Prayer. That really helped. My Thursday Thoughts in no particular order start below.

1. November has come and gone and I wrote about 7,000 words. The total was supposed to be 20,000. Came a little short. But my thought on that? I managed to outline the rest of the book. However, the ending still eludes me.

2. Twitter has intrigued me lately.
A Twitter Thursday Thought: Do authors only accept follow requests from other authors? Or how about Christians only following other Christians? That just doesn't make sense to me. Authors need readers who might be interested in our books. And Christians . . . well, don't we have something to say to nonChristians?

So I started following book clubs on Twitter. They're probably on Facebook as well. Actually maybe I'll join a book club. Reading through a book and discussing one sounds like fun. Let me see where I can squeeze that in. But that's my thought though, we need to find readers, book lovers.

I wonder if my tweeple are tired of seeing those ads I write? These companies keep on paying me to tweet for them. Honestly, I do try to spread those tweets around. A girl has got to make a living. Hopefully my followers will give me grace. Around Christmas time it gets a little more interesting because I get to tweet for the Salvation Army and other causes. Gives me warm fuzzies. 

3. I'm thinking of buying a new phone and downgrading. Apparently I don't need the internet on my phone after all. That should knock off about $30 from that crazy bill. My wonderful cousin gave me a GPS for the car and I never knew how to use it on my phone anyhow. Plus the Palm would not cooperate with Itunes. That was a bear. Grrrr. Luckily I found my Ipod works wonderfully in my car. Love those crazy converter gadgets.

4. Moving onto a different thought, I joined yet another social network called GoodReads. At least I think it's a social network. Lots and lots of book titles and authors there too. I'll have to navigate, explore and plunder. Not quite with the in-crowd yet.

5. Speaking of the in crowd, I feel like I've dropped out of a few. There's the romance crowd. I just don't get them (though they are the sweetest) and they probably don't get me. I just don't believe in romance. How sad is that. But this could be that fog I was talking about. Then there's the spec fiction crowd. Man, they are way too intelligent for me. But that's okay. Fog getting thicker.

6. Thursday business thought: Manuscripts are pouring in, well . . . trickling into G8Press. This has forced me to update the G8Press blog where I finally started a list of freelance editors. Two books are one day away from sending to the printer. Nothing too overwhelming.

Three people at work are sick. Makes it really hard to work when there's only three employees. We can do it. My other job is this blog. If you like you can read all about it on my Disclosure page. It's more than just legal blah blah you know.

7. And then there's Christmas. Where do we go for Christmas Eve when everyone has to be in church the next day which is Sunday. That's what happens in a family of pastors and other ministry commitments. Plus we're like 100 miles from one another. And Shopping? What shopping? Oh yeah, haven't even started. Does it feel like Christmas yet? Aaaah . . . it's just a few of my Thursday Thoughts.

★¸¸.•*¨*•☃☃ᶆƐƦƦϔ ҺƦḭṦƬᶆᵰς☃☃¸¸.•*¨*•★

Debby A.

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