Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Whispers

Gustave Courbet: Forest in Autumn 1941. Published
on Wikimedia Commons

The young Watcher walked under the canopy of shadowy leaves. Dark Faeries dashed about. He managed to trap one between his fingers. When it finally stopped its twitching and wiggling Joshua held it up to his ear.

“If he closes his eyes, they will see.” The whisper of this Dark Faerie sent a chill throughout Joshua's body and soul.

“What?” The boy tightened his grip, crushing the delicate wings.

"I cannot help you . . .  if you . . . won't . . . let me . . . go."

The Watcher's hand opened and the creature flitted away only to return and whisper once more in Joshua's ear.

“The forest is torn. Follow the green light."A small trickle of purple venom dripped from the Faerie's wings. It joined the swarm of angry Faeries so dark and devilish, shifting between this forest and somewhere beyond.

"Wait!" The Watcher flung himself from branch to bough, climbing higher than his abilities should have allowed. "Tell me first before you go. What does it mean? What do you know? What will they see when he closes his eyes?"

Debby A.
Excerpt from unedited version of Pa'raGhon: The Watchers.

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