Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: The Good, The Bad and Murder

Mmmm . . . Thursday Thoughts. I know I have them, but it seems they are all scattered throughout my brain which is a little out of my control today. Perhaps I will just make a list of Thursday Thoughts.

1. Is anyone reading this???
2. It's 10:15am and I haven't had breakfast yet
3. I miss my son
4. I'm worried about my daughter
5. People are finally starting to pay for my services. Oh, I hit on a good thought here. I've been helping people, mostly close friends, start their blogs and teach the basics of networking and why it's so important for authors to do that. Your publisher will probably have you do the bulk of your book promotion. Yes, the good ole days are gone, gone, gone I tell ya.

In any case, my dear friend and colleague Marilyn Woody (author of many books which I will list at the end of this post) suggested that I start charging. A good thought but not one that I felt comfortable with. Nonetheless, the wear and tear on my car and gas prices had me thinking very different. Plus, what exactly is my time and knowledge (limited but always gaining) worth?

So I published my fees and I still got the calls and found out that people wouldn't mind paying me at all. Wow! Who knew? This is to say that I really appreciate those friends who are also my clients now. You literally put food on my table. This is a great Thursday Thought.

My list continues . . .

6. Why is Google so strict? Their rules are so binding but we must obey!
7. Jose Campos (one of my son's friends and once a neighbor of ours) will stand trial, this November, for the murder of 17-year-old Adrian Rios. I can't think about this too much, it brings me to tears, breaks my heart. When I see Jose's picture I can only sigh. Not for a second will I be able to understand what Adrian's family is going through. I know the way Jose was raised. He never had a chance. But murdering a friend? My prayers go out to the Rios family and though it doesn't seem fair I will pray for Jose's salvation.

8. What's up with the weather?
9. Occupy WHAT? They really should think about hygiene. I mean to say, no one brought those portable potties/bathrooms? Oh, right, that would mean paying one of those mean, rich companies. And why pay them when you can just go to the bank across the street and use their bathrooms. Wait . . . ? And don't you need permits to occupy all those places they're occupying. I guess that only applies to the Tea Party. 

10. My Ipod is pathetic.
11. When will I ever finish my novel? Should I enter NanoWriMo . . . writing a book in a month? Maybe they'll let me complete what I started with Novel Track on the ACFW site. I wound up with 20,000 words. I think NanWriMo requires you finish a whole book. Not sure, will have to check. It's starts in November. I am still so undecided. 

12. Listening to The Light, a Christian radio/CD station on Dish, makes this huge house less haunting. I wouldn't mind moving to a little two-bedroom house with a white picket fence on a white sandy beach somewhere. I can hear the waves, feel the sand between my toes walking my Golden Retriever. Or how 'bout a lighthouse in Chesapeak Bay? Oh to dream.

13. I need to exercise. I need to stick to my diet. I need to write 1000 words. I need health insurance. I need a man . . . oops that just slipped out.

14. Daddy, Will You Play Catch with Me? is a humble success. It is our first success story at G8Press. We don't take it lightly. We thank the Lord, and we thank you, friends, family and beautiful strangers who hit that order button.

15. To Tweet or not to Tweet? Oh what to post on FaceBook today. TUMBLR!!!!! It's all about the hip 20-something crowd. They're starting to like my prose though. And what on earth should I blog today? Oh yeah, a few of my Thursday Thoughts.

Debby A.


Sharon Lynne said...

I'm listening.

And I stopped by to tell you that you won the drawing for my book!

I actually layed out 4 little pieces of paper on the floor and told my dog to choose. She walked right over to your name.

Your little dream house on the beach sounds lovely.

The Gatekeeper said...

Yay!!! I win, I win. Soooo coool.