Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Press Release: Daddy, Will You Play Catch with Me?

Should I do a professional press release? Nah, this is my blog.

Well, we at G8Press finally released Sandra Schoger Foster's children's book, Daddy, Will You Play Catch with Me? It has been an amazing learning experience with lots of laughs, inside jokes and whatnot, tears, the shedding of blood (jk), and a lot of revisions. All of which was appreciated.

So many people were involved with this little project so I wanted to acknowledge them right here:

  • The San Gabriel Valley Inklings Writers Critique Group
  • Photographer, Greg Scheider
  • Wedding Photographer, Bill Blakey
  • Christy Weiss
  • Kathy Ide
  • And Judy Gordon Morrow

  • And of course to our own people, Susan Skommesa, me, and obviously Sandra Schoger Foster. We worked so hard in claustrophobic conditions!

    I have to tell you we let a few men read the book before releasing it and tears were shed. After all, it is a book about creating wonderful memories between fathers and sons. I have a copy right here in my hands getting ready to show it to my son whose dad, though he loved my son, wasn't around much. But I think they have great little league memories. We shall see. My son loathes to read but maybe I can at least get him to give me an opinion of the cover, lol.

    In any case all our hard work paid off. Don't ever give up on your writing, my friends. Here's a link to Daddy, Will You Play Catch with Me? which is also available on Amazon.

    And we wouldn't mind if you shared a moment with us and viewed the Book Trailer.

    Debby A.


    Sharon Lynne said...

    Lot's of cheers and hoorays! Sounds like quite a hair raising adventure, but a worthwhile one!

    Debby said...

    That it was, my friend. And the hootin' and a hollerin' continues.