Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Speculative Fiction, Flash Fiction on Avenir Eclectia

Okay, my bad, I meant to let all my readers (both of you) and a few lurkers, know about Avenir Eclectia. It's flash fiction at its best. I don't think I can write that but I should love to try. The latest post is Wizard's War by Holly Heisy.

It's a Splashdown Books project which publishes anything worth reading in the speculative fiction genre. Read a little bit of background right here about the little, or perhaps it's not so little, colony of Avenir Eclectia in the constellation Cetus and its Star 94 Ceti.

Please check it out, leave Earth far behind, and meet a few authors while you're up there. Btw, the blog design is very tasty and the not-of-this-world music is very cool.

Debby A.

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