Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Gadgets, Gizmos and Geeks

So geeky is the new cool, right? Trust me on this one. As a writer one must create interesting characters. Therefore, keep up with the latest gadgets for your characters to play with, or work with. Having Geek Alerts Gadget Magazine close by would be advisable and it will entertain you, I'm sure. Updated information on quirky gizmos, for your not-of-this-world hero, is available on a daily basis. . . or, at least, a new post per day is promised. I mean who could resist a Zombie Shooting Gallery or a Rubber Band Shooting Blaster Supreme. I think the bully in my next short story will own one of those. It's a fun and most entertaining site actually.

Codes are available like getting Newegg free shipping. I think one of their loveable geeks has managed to leak out a few promo codes for discounts on sports equipment, outdoor clothing and such. Hm, not so geeky after all.

In any case, what will your Inspector Gadget need? Gadgets Magazine probably has it and pictures too. And just in case you needed Office Depot coupons, yes they have those as well. So give your characters character and place a cool gadget, the latest gizmo or anything geeky in their hands.

Debby A.


Susan Skommesa said...

Love this article! :) Hmmm, Kayala, what gadget would a native woman in the 1800s use? I'll have to go check out the site. :)

The Gatekeeper said...

She could have a master blaster sling shot. Shoots five stones at a time. LOL