Monday, July 18, 2011

Becoming Your Bad, Wicked Evil Characters

Today I'm having a hard time writing a horrible scene in my WIP. My beautiful angel is morphing into a demon. The transformation has to be brutal and final, no turning back for him even though it has taken centuries for him to get to the decision.

Should I make him into a completely ugly being or should I keep some of his characteristics? For example should he still have hands, legs, feet or should it all be beastly? I am having second thoughts about his "falling" because I got into his head. His shortcomings, his sin, his temptations I totally identify with. And what would I do if I had the power of angels?

Like Lucifer, my angel was created most beautiful, wise and strongest of all classes of angels. But jealousy and pride took over. Jealously is something I struggle with daily. Hate it!!! He struggled with both jealousy and pride for centuries, he even tried to hold back the first rebellion but now he's starting his own. Yep, a second falling. Oh the pain.

Before I continue with this scene, I will need to pray. That mistake was made last time (no prayer) and pretty strange things happened in my house.

Another interesting note I'll include here . . . a few of my wonderful mentors in my writers critique group, we lovingly call the San Gabriel Valley Inklings, have voiced concern that I don't "turn to the dark side," so to speak. They know I won't but, strange to say, in order for me to write this part of the story I do tend to walk on the darker side. Even just surfing the www for demon pictures is pretty hellish.

In any case, I might have to turn back a few pages and make my beautiful angel someone I never loved. He never had redeeming qualities. Just wicked from the beginning. Sigh!

Debby A.


Bob said...

My thoughts. Remember the Wicked One sometimes masquerades as an angel of light. And deception is his name.
Then too, I've thought, for what it's worth, that the opposite of love is often not hate, but indifference.
I'm trusting the good guy wins in your story!
Bob Leger

The Gatekeeper said...

Thanks Bob. Absolutely, the good guys will win. It will be a high price they pay though. Is all good. I hope.

Susan Skommesa said...

ooooh, I feel your sadness. Seems to me you're experiencing loss...of a beloved character who you've grown to love. They're often more than characters, especially when they are part of our self or our story. Good idea to pray for protection when you go places where the enemy rules. I stand with you in that prayer.