Thursday, July 15, 2010

Muggy Weather And Dry Lightning

When it's 110 degrees outside you just man up and take it. Of course, it's nice when you're house keeps pretty cool . . . high 80's is bearable. The adorable laughter of kids playing in backyard pools makes you almost get into that bathing suit till you remember . . . you really shouldn't.

Around 2:00pm the wind picked up and gray clouds gathered. It was still muggy but the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. Weird. No rain, just lots of lightning. Unfortunately, my Palm Pre camera wasn't fast enough to capture those silver bolts.

Lightning struck the hills behind our house and up flared a forest fire. Our rangers and fire department are amazing and even though it took a few hours the blaze was under control. We got a few raindrops, then . . . nothing.

One more strange event today--killer bees!!! Right outside our back door, they were, swarming around our window. And wouldn't you know it . . . the Wasp Spray was next to their make-shift bee hive (a large black garden vase). A Black Widow came out of her corner and started feasting on them. She wrapped a few round and round, spinning them into her silky spider spit. Yumm! Then she disappeared into an old box--preserving them for later, I'm sure.

Oh, it's still muggy and about 80 degrees at 10:00pm. Time to see if I can actually fall sleep tonight.

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Brandon said...

I'll take dry heat over humid heat any day!

Cool about the spider...I'm always fascinated by an arachnid in action.

The Gatekeeper said...

Me too, I'm not liking this muggyness. And thanks about reminding of that black widow. Where's that bug spray!!!