Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time To Write The Next Chapter

Three of us (you can join us if you want) are writing the continuing story Of Jthan and his Queen, Déorah, at Associated Content  It's time to write Chapter 6. Here's what we have so far.

Chapter 1: A Light in the Forest
Chapter 2: Knights and Queens and Coffee
Chapter 3: The Bell in the Rocks
Chapter 4: The Guardians of Berothai
Chapter 5: Intimus Sanctus

Here's Chapter Three (one of the chapters I wrote): The Bell in the Rock

Jthan raised the torch in his right hand. The bright orange flames were insistent as the rain tried to snuff it out. A narrow path through the darkened forest slowly revealed itself. The king's most trusted knight took Déorah's hand in his and led her one step closer to Berothai. They would have to find their way to "The Bell in the Rocks" where the Guardians of Berothai lived.

"The child is hungry," she said.

Jthan seemed not to hear as his pace quickened almost dragging the Queen behind him.

"Wait," she cried. "The King will not be pleased if you let the heir to his throne go hungry."

"There is no more throne, Déorah," Jthan shouted through the torrent rain. "Not even a kingdom for him to rule."

Déorah bowed her head. The knight sighed and looked the other way.

"We must find The Bell in the Rocks," he finally said. "The Guardians will have food and perhaps a horse for us."

"And if they decide to kill us instead for trespassing upon their sacred land?"

"They won't," he assured her.

Their journey continued. The fire of the torch grew stronger and brighter the closer they walked to Berothai. If they strayed to the left, or to the right of the narrow path, the flames diminished.

Suddenly, a fierce snarl came from above them. Jthan looked up to see a daughter of Nyx perched on a branch. She was dark and beautiful and for the moment the knight was mesmerized.

"Look away, Jthan," Déorah commanded. "She is death."

The knight did not speak. Déorah walked slowly around him till she stood face to face. But he could only see her. Déorah knew the power the daughters of Nyx had over men. Their alluring eyes could steal their breath. She took the torch from Jthan's trembling hand.

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