Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scholastic Printables For All My Teacher Friends

It seems that quite a lot of my friends are teachers or moms who homeschool. Well, just for you guys, here's something fun and inexpensive. They're Scholastic's teacher printables.

I'm looking at woolly lambs, mama birds and fuzzy lions (like in cute and fuzzy). They all have a lesson to teach and you know how the kids love those visuals. I'm thinking these are for the younger children (probably preschool and kindergarten through second grade). You might get a few roll of the eyes from the older student body.

There's plenty of themes to choose from including Passover and Easter. This could be a wonderful tool for Sunday Schools. What say ye? How about something fun to put on bulletin boards like classroom news or daily updates about your kids. Yeah, there's printables for that too and they actually look creative enough for third, fourth and fifth graders. We can probably squeeze in sixth graders as well.

My personal favorite is the make-it-yourself tool. Pretty handy--word search, crossword puzzles and very artsy flash cards. Ah, that will make you look good in front of those young ones.

Mini books are also available. It's like gathering a bunch of your favorite printables all in one little book. Huh . . . thus the term mini books. So clever! Okay, enough said. You've got lesson plans, practice pages and all sorts of teacher tools. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

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