Monday, March 22, 2010

The March Visit

Violeta sent me a few pictures of her recent visit with the families who depend on the gifts of others. The kids received lots of clothes and wonderful toys.

Voileta with a Grandma (I believe she has cancer) and young grandson.

New toys make little girls happy.
Sjikke visited in March also, but she was pretty sick and could
only stay for a little while.


Violeta said...

Hi Debby,

yes for my pretty Sjikke was to late for many visits but what you have here is just a little part of what we doing always!
Next time i will do all my best to send others pictures that will be in June!
Love you so much for all what you post here !
Lord ,will bless you life i`m sure !

Bernie said...

This is good how you share these pictures with others Debby, so much sadness in the world and we who live in a free society take so many things for granted....:-) Hugs