Monday, December 08, 2008

A Pot of Gold For Christmas?

The Gatekeeper's children are very fussy and most peculiar, to say the least. If cash is stuffed in the Christmas stocking, or greeting card, they appreciate it so much more than a present under the tree. Unless, of course, that present is as large as a drum set or pony. Not this year, I'm afraid.

However, Visa gift cards seem to be something they would like. After all, it could be used for fuel as they travel to and from the Castle one hundred miles from their abode. Perhaps, clothes is what they would purchase with this practical card. Lady Gatekeeper would not set foot in those dark Goth Castles where her Prince and Princess buy their cloaks and swords.

In any case, it is a little more creative than cash, one would assume, and much safer since it is insured and cannot lose its value. The GiftCardLab is where one can go for this gift and to all ye merry gentlemen and ladies I bid thee all a Merry Christmas.

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