Saturday, December 06, 2008

Catching Up On Life and Our 2009 Calendar

'Twas a week before Thanksgiving and the Prince of the Castle played in the Turkey Bowl. It was quite the success and the Prince's team made it to the finals. But alas, they fell a couple of touch downs behind early in the third quarter and could not quite make up for it.

It was, however, a very strange day for Lady Gatekeep. She was teary eyed and seemed to live with a heavy heart even though the day started out with beautiful sunshine in the desert. But when they entered the twilight zone called San Dimas a fog settled all around. It was cold, bitterly cold and the Lady was dressed for a mid-summer's day. Then, where gentlemen and Lords played football there was no place to sit except for wet grassy meadows and hard cement. Furthermore, the King's food (Burger King) was not good for the tummy. Sigh. Is it the holidays yet?

Then after all was said and done, the Prince was off to his father's house. Lady Gatekeeper had a lonely drive home. Demon Hunter, Red, The Devil Wears Prada were good enough to keep her company. Thank the Lord.

Finally, on the following Thursday, Princess S. retrieved Prince brother from the OC and they headed back to the Castle for a fine Thanksgiving feast. We shall all agree that Lady Gatekeep's turkey cannot be beat. Unfortunately, even though the food was fabulous, the Seahawks, Cardinals and Lions were very disappointing.

Nevertheless, we shall now attempt to decorate the Manor for the Lord's birthday, so to speak, with garland, lights and Christmas wreaths. Maybe that will cheer up the Gatekeeper. In any case, we are raising funds for our single moms ministry. The craft fair was a small success . . . a profit was made but we had to pay for the booth which cut it almost in half. Not too worry, we are grateful for any addition to our benevolent fund.

Here's our latest project . . . The 2009 Calender. All proceeds will go to our single moms.Merry Christmas Everyone

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