Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Of Kaynanites

Every land of man's domain is littered with nothing but the ruins of castles and forts. If it were not for the Warriors, the wooded areas might have been gutted also. This world, called Eamane, is the last outpost between man's universe and the realms of the heavenly places. It stands almost barren, bar the lands of Paragon—where Kaynan is known as Middleland.

Joshua Sethson is the last Watcher, protector of all nations. But he lives in exile, outside the borders of his beloved Kaynan. The Kaynanites choose to follow the ways of their self-proclaimed priest, Ďlonav Fletcher, who tells the Kaynanites that the time of Warriors and Watchers has passed.

Nonetheless, on this day as the squeaky gates of Perdition open, Joshua Sethson's duty and instinct returns. His spirit, trapped for the most part within his inner chambers, releases into a high state of alert. The Whisperers are here.

"I can smell your rotting flesh," he says with a smirk.

His pulse quickens and vibrates in every vein. Beads of sweat chill his face and cascade down his neck. In one hand, scarred with the reminders of battles gone by, he holds the dagger his late brother had given him. In the other, he clutches a few stones along with a slingshot.

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